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Kerri Westlake

Westlake Designs

As a child, I spent most of my time dressed in a pioneer costume in my log cabin playhouse in the backyard.  While my friends played with Pogs and Barbies, I’d make ink from lamp black and walnut shells, churn butter and grow wheat. My grandma gave me my first knitting lesson at six. Today, though I’ve tried many other things, from pastry-chefing to painting movie sets, I still find I’m happiest when I’m close to the garden.  When I’m not tending to my edibles and flowers, I have found fulfillment as the creator, designer and knitter behind Westlake. I hand-dye natural fibre yarns in steaming pots of custom-mixed colour and use skills rooted in tradition to produce thoughtfully-crafted wearables. Inspired by the challenge of a medium seen as old-fashioned, I design simple, chic pieces for the modern wanderer who still has a wool-clad toe in the past.  The soft yarns and muted neutrals and jewel-tones of my colour palette recall nature, enveloping the wearer in the shelter of the garden, even as they step into icy streets.

Alexandrine Lemaire & Hannah Palmer

3/4oz. Tonic Maison

Enjoying a good gin & tonic ourselves, we initially started ¾ oz. Tonic Maison as a creative project to enhance our respective portfolios. We are two friends who share a passion for quality goods, design, photography, gastronomy and drinking (in moderation, of course!).

Combining our oddly incongruous but complementary skills, we initially started ¾ oz. Tonic Maison as a side project, but it quickly became a full time endeavor. Now, we will stop at nothing to let everyone know that tonic is just as important as gin when it comes to crafting the perfect G&T, and to share our concoction with the world!

Coming from a family that has worked in agribusiness for more than three generations, Alexandrine earned her degree in Industrial Design from Université de Montréal. She has since worked on a variety of advertising campaigns as a freelancer as well as on the opening of a café before creating ¾ oz. Tonic Maison in 2013.

Hannah is a chemist with the soul of an artist. Earning her B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from McGill University and a professional photographer certification, Hannah has worked on a variety of research projects ranging from biomaterials to atmospheric chemistry until 2013, when she created ¾ oz. Tonic Maison.

Lyne Levesque & Gérald Levesque

Tissage Magély Weaving

I started weaving with my mother when i was 11. I feel so lucky to have found Lyne—my wife—to continue this family tradition.

We are both passionate about what we do, and we enjoy our work tremendously. Our biggest reward is when we get to see how much our customers love our pieces. That moment really makes what we do worthwhile.

Livia Simpson

Liv Simple Farms
My name is Liv Simpson, owner of Liv Simple Farms. I am a wife, mother, goat farmer and artisan soap maker! With the helping hands of my husband, our 5 year old son and our happy goats, we make our living and live to make our natural, luxurious goat's milk soap!

I was a city girl who fell in love with a country boy! Together, we bought a farm. Soon after, we had a son, two donkeys and many a row of lavender...I am an avid user!

We focused on only raising animals that would be useful farm companions a.k.a pets. After a year and a lot of research, we bought our first milking goat and I could start making goat's milk soap! We named her Jean Davis, a species of Lavender and she stole my heart! Every goat thereafter would get a 'lavender' name. It took much trial and error but I finally mastered the art of milking. Many buckets were collected (some kicked over), recipes were tested and finally turned into soap.

Our soaps are made the old fashioned way, from scratch (literally) and the benefits cannot be overestimated! They are packed with vitamins and minerals making the outcome gentle, healing and great for all skin types. Every batch is a blend of pure essential oils with a lavender bottom note, making up a unique collection of hand picked scents. Five years later, we have hand-milked hundreds of gallons, produced and sold thousands of bars of soap, travelled miles and miles and birthed many many goat babies!

Every day is an investment of time and energy that we wouldn't change for a thing and we plan on continuing to grow our family endeavour!

Nicole Garza & Ron Garza

Mally Designs

In the beginning, my two kids were the inspirations for our company. Now, they even help out! We hope one day that they will also choose to do something that they are passionate about.

Customers are initially drawn to our cute and modern designs, but it's when they actually start using our bibs that they fall completely in love with the function of it. Nothing makes us happier than customers coming back to visit our booth at the One of a Kind Show just to tell us how much they loved the bib they bought from us! 

Marjorie Camiré

Marjorie Camiré Céramiste

After completing a degree in visual arts, Marjorie Camiré oriented her practice towards ceramics. Today, she carefully hand makes functional pieces with minimalism in mind. Both refined and nostalgic, she likes to revisit different styles in ceramic art, or simply emphasize an object's function. Since 2013, she has worked in a shared clay studio in the heart of Montreal, designing and creating unique tableware in small batches. Every object emerges from the kiln to find its places in everyday life.

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